AngelFun Program


As it was Joy Pedersen who was inspired to create this group cruise, Angels At Sea, she was the host for the morning program. The desire was to create a first activity to bring everyone together to meet and get to know each other before the week began.

She also wanted to provide the opportunity to heal the group so everyone could leave their stress behind and have a fully present and engaged vacation. As she began the healing, it was evident the angels had other things in behind as well. They continued as a group healing the oceans, ocean life and every possible negative thing the group could think of to include that ever affected the oceans or ocean life including Atlantis.

Sheryl Blumenthal expressed her channeling gifts with specific guidance to each participant. Everyone benefited from the healing and messages given. By the time the morning was over, everyone had bonded as well as had tears from all the profound work that occurred.

The reports following were that the ship was surrounded by whale and dolphin who benefited from and apparently appreciated the healing.