First Cocktail Party


First Cocktail Party


Some of our group at our first cocktail party. We always like to have a couple of activities such as a cocktail party to help the festivities begin as well as provide ample opportunity for people to begin to connect and form a relationship.

What is wonderful about some of these relationships, they have continued.

Dining Adventures

Bergen Record

Dining Adventures

Each night we met for dinner and everyone shared their adventures during the day. Everyone had the opportunity to do their own thing. We all compared notes at dinner which also helped tip off others with some of the recommendations. The excursions were wonderful.

Each night at dinner, we enjoyed scrumptious meals with a wonderful wait staff that kept us fed and happy.

Our Atlantis Connection


Atlantis awaits you as well as this will be a major healing to Atlantis. These ladies of yours who are joining you on this cruise all knew one another during the time of Atlantis. You played together there. You will play again here/there.

Alena [one of the attendees of our 2013 cruise] had a special role during that time and she will merge with that knowing during the cruise and will share it with you when ready. It is important she be there. She will know why soon enough.

Archangel Michael