Our Lady of the Sea

Because our deadline for booking the cruise is March 1 (although the cruise is May 26), I thought a good idea to do a clearing of the Angels at Sea cruise itself. As soon as I did it, I saw a mermaid appear. She has very long, dark, thick wavy hair. Her facial features had a polynesian look. She wore long strands of pearls. She also had lots of rings on both hands and lots of bracelets on her right wrist. Her scales below her waist were teal and as they descended became more turquoise. She had wings that shimmered and appeared like abalone.

She has an Atlantean connection and will be working with our Angels at Sea cruise. She, therefore, will be accompanying us on our journey. I saw her cast stars over our cruise, which was a blessing.

It is extremely special when someone of her stature comes forth. She is responsible for the seas and her presence now provides assistance to Angels at Sea and our divine purpose.

This cruise was a creation and came into being as it was formulated and is as much alive as anything else that has been created. Our cruise apparently has a divine purpose.

As the cruise was inspired by the angels, there is certainly a spiritual component to it. Although everything really has a spiritual component to it, being purposeful is something else. This cruise apparently has a purpose and has much support as it shown here we have a spiritual representative who is responsible for the sea who supporting us on our cruise.

Seeing her blessings bestowed upon the cruise was enlightening as well as encouraging. It makes me even more excited as to what the future of our cruise will hold. I can only imagine. As we get closer to the cruise more insights seem to be coming forth. Meeting Our Lady of the Sea is certainly one of them.

Angel Assigned to Angels at Sea Cruise

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I was still exploring the significance of Our Lady of the Sea mermaid who appeared to me, when an angel also appeared who is apparently responsible for our cruise. She is the angel assigned to our cruise specifically, which I thought really terrific. She waited patiently for me to finish with Our Lady of the Sea before sharing her insights about the divine purpose of our cruise.

Dear Ones:

Your trip has a divine purpose. It is ordained that this trip open the way for healing the Atlantic ocean of its toxic memories. For so long now it has been a dumping ground and a place of terror and fear for the sea life that inhabit it. These oceans of yours are often taken for granted and their resiliency often underestimated. You have ignored them for so long. So many other causes have taken precedent over these precious waters. Their value underestimated as well. It is time for change and this cruise will provide it.

Because of the lightworkers aboard and the clearing done in preparation for this, the oceans will get a healing. The sea life will receive the benefit of it as well as all mankind. As you cross the Atlantic to Bermuda, small incisions will be made along the way that will open for the light to permeate the ocean floor. This light will seep through the bedrock raising the vibration of the ocean floors.

It is never to take lightly the significance of divine purpose. Many travels have significance far beyond the obvious. Your trip ordained to provide an opening and an opportunity for growth amongst the participants, healing of the seas as well as a raise of vibration for all. I look forward to the smiles on your faces as you relax and rejuvenate - something long awaited for those who have worked so hard.

This is pleasure with a purpose.

We have many angels accompanying us on our cruise, including the guardian angels of all participants. I know Archangel Michael is coming because he goes with me everywhere I go. However, it is interesting that there was an angel assigned to oversee our cruise. She is responsible for the cruise overall and someone I can go to with specific questions regarding the cruise because it is her specific assignment.