Angels At Sea


The angels inspired angelic channel, Joy Pedersen, to create a group cruise, Angels at Sea, inviting those who are interested in angels, travel, cruising and healing to have fun. According to Archangel Michael, fun is underrated and increases prosperity, as he mentions in previous post on 2013 cruise. Joy Pedersen invited Sheryl Blumenthal to join her in hosting the cruise. Together they connect with the angels and receive guidance as to the particulars of the cruise. Each cruise is sanctioned by the angels as to which itinerary and dates work best.

The first morning was set to initially help attendees let go of any stress so they could be fully present to enjoy their vacation as well as meet and begin bonding with fellow participants. During this first session of the first cruise, it was evident the angels had orchestrated our participation as not only a well-intended healing for participants but also for the oceans and all ocean life.

It was said afterward by Archangel Michael in a message following the cruise that the world received healing because of this event. Now that we know the significance of the event besides the benefits we all receive of fun and healing, we are even more enthusiastic about our next cruise. The bonding and friendships created from the first cruise continue. Archangel Michael tipped us off in one message that we all already knew each other from Atlantis. It was evident there was a previous connection since everyone bonded immediately and seemed to pick up where they left off as isn’t unusual with old friends who haven’t seen each other for a while.

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