Preliminary AngelFun a Glance…

First Morning at Sea

9 AM – Noon

*Introductions and Networking

*Group Opening Meditation

*Group Healing and Clearing – Leaving Your Past Behind so You Can Be Fully Present

*Channeled Message from the Angels for the Group

*Fun ‘Get to Know Each Other’ Activities Private sessions with practitioners may be booked with them while on board. Practitioners’ and Authors’ materials will be on the table in the back of the room. Special rates may be given for our travelers. Other events may be coming as well. To be determined and announced so sign up for updates…

Second Afternoon at Sea 2 PM – 5 PM (TBD)

Dr. Joy Pedersen will be hosting a networking event for Holistic Chamber of Commerce.


Join with a group of like-minded souls… Be supported by two gifted angelic channels together with your personal angels and guides who will all be accompanying you on this journey. Let go of your stress, breathe, have fun, and invite healing. Be uplifted and inspired while you relax.

Our first morning together will start with personal introductions so everyone knows who is part of the group. Network with your fellow passengers as well as other gifted practitioners, healers, readers, etc. who will be part of our group. We will start with an opportunity to introduce one another at the beginning so everyone has a chance to make friends and network throughout the rest of the cruise. This morning will set the tone for our week together — that of FUN!!!

Fun has been underrated in this society. Laughter brings healing, receptivity, inspiration and creativity. When you are in a state of joy, it is much easier for the angels to give to you as you are much more aligned. This portion of the cruise will be about unifying the group and bringing messages and healing from the angels to the group as a whole. It will also be an opportunity to leave your stresses behind with a clearing of all that has been weighing you down. This will give you a chance to let go of all your concerns so you can be fully present.

A group meditation and blessing will round out this morning experience. You will then be able to move onto the first lunch with new acquaintances that you can begin turning into friends.

Each evening we will be dining together although you can choose if you want seating for 2, 4, 6 or 8. In between, we will have numerous opportunities to share time with one another doing activities that are fun for the soul. Prior to the cruise, the angels couldn’t stress the idea of having fun enough. That is our main objective over and above the channeling of messages and healing that will be provided the group.

There may be a limited number of private sessions available onboard with Sheryl Blumenthal, who will take her appointments separately on a first come first serve basis. You will be able to schedule them directly with her in advance.

May you know that the fun we seek to have is with your presence.

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