Compliment from Archangel Metatron

Archangel Metatron

This is a message from Archangel Metatron:

You did a nice job on the cruise. I was there too as were many others known and unknown to you as there were the guides of others you do not readily associate with.

This message reminded me I was told prior to our AngelFun Program the first morning of our cruise there were approximately 100 angels accompanying us at the time.

Message from Archangel Michael After Cruise

Archangel Michael

I thank you for taking a vacation with us.

It was most fortuitous that you did. Each one of you represented a different aspect of the universe. You then took your respective energies and applied them as shown. You once were gifted healers separately. Together you made a significant difference to the world at large. Each one of you contributed something in your own way. What unfolded was beyond the imagination. From our standpoint, much light was passed into the oceans and floor beds. Much darkness was released. It dissipated in ways you cannot imagine.

Joy has had a high purpose all along and bringing you all together was no accident. Thank you for heeding your calling and coming together as guided. You each had a purpose in contributing to this endeavor whether conscious of it or not.

You each have played a significant role in these waters. There was profound change that occurred due to taking this cruise. You were not necessarily privy to the nuances of the mission early on but you were lead forward for a particular reason. No one did not heed the calling amongst you. Each brought to the table something significant that made an impact that was profound in nature. What I say to you know is significant so do not underestimate it by any means.

You changed the world with this cruise.

Archangel Michael

How Angels at Sea Helps Healing Oceans

angels help world

This cruise is a heavenly inspired idea for humanity¬†to come together and help heal themselves as well as help in healing oceans. The oceans have been abused for aeons of time. Those waters carry within them much karma. Those waters are what nourish the planet and yet they carry energies within them that are harmful at best due to the suffering the oceans have endured at the hands of humanity. It is humanity’s obligation to help in healing oceans and the life within those oceans for the planet to be healed.

The AngelFun opening ceremony of this cruise provides an opportunity for participants to heal and includes an opportunity for all water to receive a healing. Just because some water has salt and some does not, it is all water. Your planet is covered with water and water runs through its veins. You need water for your very survival and yet the majority of you do not give water a second thought other than how it tastes. We see the suffering that goes on within the oceans as well as the suffering the permeation of energies of these waters have on humanity.

We wish to stop the negative effects and change the circumstances within which you now live to one of greater possibility. By joining in on this cruise, you have an opportunity to heal as well as help healing oceans due to your connections to it. All benefit, including the planet.

healing oceans

We are among you on this cruise assisting in the release of negative energies that have permeated the planet for aeons of time. Your intention and participation on the cruise during this first morning awakens possibilities beyond your imagination.

Archangel Michael

PS It was reported there were approximately 100 angels, including Archangels Michael and Metatron accompanying our first cruise.

First Cocktail Party


First Cocktail Party


Some of our group at our first cocktail party. We always like to have a couple of activities such as a cocktail party to help the festivities begin as well as provide ample opportunity for people to begin to connect and form a relationship.

What is wonderful about some of these relationships, they have continued.

Dining Adventures

Bergen Record

Dining Adventures

Each night we met for dinner and everyone shared their adventures during the day. Everyone had the opportunity to do their own thing. We all compared notes at dinner which also helped tip off others with some of the recommendations. The excursions were wonderful.

Each night at dinner, we enjoyed scrumptious meals with a wonderful wait staff that kept us fed and happy.

Our Atlantis Connection


Atlantis awaits you as well as this will be a major healing to Atlantis. These ladies of yours who are joining you on this cruise all knew one another during the time of Atlantis. You played together there. You will play again here/there.

Alena [one of the attendees of our 2013 cruise] had a special role during that time and she will merge with that knowing during the cruise and will share it with you when ready. It is important she be there. She will know why soon enough.

Archangel Michael