Message from Archangel Michael on Cruise

Archangel Michael

The following is a message Joy Pedersen received from Archangel Michael on the cruise:

This cruise of yours is about having fun. Fun brings light. Fun brings nourishment. Fun brings you back into balance and alignment. Fun is underrated. Fun is just as important as work.

Yes, we know you have to earn a living. The problem is your society values money over other things in life. It values hard work as an attribute over leisure activities. One nurtures your ego. One nurtures your soul.

When you play, you raise your vibration. When you raise your vibration, you attract more possibility to you - better possibility. When it is all work and no play, you shut yourself off from receiving all that is possible to you. It is necessary to take action, but guided action is key. Most of you take action out of obligation rather than out of necessity for your highest good.

I trust you are getting the message here. But the hard part is getting you to implement and trust we mean to help you receive that which is for your highest good always. You limit your experiences by your limiting beliefs of play.

Join us on this cruise to Bermuda. Allow us the opportunity to help you raise your vibration to help you to be divinely inspired.

Peace be with you my brethren.

Archangel Michael

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