Caribbean Scenic Railway Tour

Caribbean Scenic Railway Tour

Caribbean Scenic Railway Tour

Port/City: Basseterre, St. Kitts

Activity Type: 
Sightseeing and/or City Tours

Approximate Duration: 
3 hour(s) 

Prices starting from:
*99.00 USD (Adult)
*49.00 USD (Child)
*0.00 USD (Infant)

Dates Offered: 27-Mar-2015

Overview: All aboard the West Indies’ last railway for a scenic sightseeing tour unique in the Caribbean. On a line built a century ago to carry cane from plantations to sugar factories, ride in two-deck railcars enjoying views of lush fields, mountains, historic estates and countryside along with engaging commentary, choral entertainment and complimentary drinks. Transfer to a bus to complete the 30-mile circle around St. Kitts on a route that highlights key sights and landmarks.

Highlights: Complete Island Tour: Circle St. Kitts on a 30-mile route by train on a historic rail line and by bus. Double-Decker Railcars: Enjoy drinks and entertainment, vaulted-window views, plus breezes from the open-air upper level. Engaging Commentary: Learn St. Kitts’ history, local lore and colorful anecdotes as you circle the island. 

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